survive the winter in a cold country

How to survive the winter in a cold country?


Living in a cold country is an unusual experience, but you still have to know how to adapt to this generally very harsh climate. Here are some tips that will help you better enjoy this adventure. Also in this article you will find tips and tricks from travel bloggers.

Get dressed

The choice of clothes is very important when traveling in a cold country. Familiarize yourself with the three-layer rule for maximum comfort. The first layer, that is to say the underwear, should be made of warm fabrics, but which do not retain moisture in case of perspiration. For the second layer, choose fleece clothing that retains heat while wicking moisture to the outside. A waterproof, but breathable, suit is required for the third layer to protect you from the elements.
Accessories such as gloves and hatare important to fight against the cold. Indeed, you should know that the heat is evacuated by the extremities of the body. The cap is essential because it is through the head that 70% of body heat escapes. For the hands, the multi-layer system is also the most appropriate, prefer mittens placed on a pair of thin gloves, this will protect you more than a simple pair of gloves. To keep your feet warm, leather boots are essential. These shoes protect you against the cold and are often non-slip. Choose them with a half size more to let the feet breathe. Also think about the coat. A three-quarter length waterproof on the outside and warming on the inside with a closure will keep you warm.

Obviously, equipping yourself for such a stay requires a certain budget, which varies according to the brand and the technical qualities of the clothes.As an indication, the price of the underwear for the first layer is between 15 € and 50 €. For the second layer, a fleece will be perfect. It will cost you between € 20 and € 80. The price of the parka that will form the third layer starts around € 250 and can go up to € 800. To complete this technical clothing, you will need pants that protect your legs from the cold. Plan a budget of around € 80 to € 150 for this type of clothing. Regarding the accessories like the hat, the scarf, the gloves… a budget of 40 € to 100 € per person could be sufficient. Do not neglect the snow boots either, which will cost you at least € 75. When these are purchased online, hopefully, they come with regular shipping, and where not, you can organize even cheaper shipping here to begin with.

As part of a short stay or a sightseeing trip, it is not necessary to buy all this equipment, you can rent it to save money. If you decide to buy, wait until the sales or take a trip to the flea markets for a bargain. It is also possible to resell your winter clothes at the end of your stay.

Daily cold

Traveling in cold countries is often difficult. The means of transport are sometimes blocked by snowfall, fog or ice. However, there are countries that are well organized like Canada


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