6 Surprise Facts About Being Pregnant

There are dozens of books based on things that you can expect while being pregnant, but even if you were to read all of them there are still facts that you won’t know about until you actually begin your pregnancy. It can be quite beneficial to be extremely prepared for your pregnancy so that you know what to expect both physically and emotionally. Below is a list of 6 surprise facts that you may experience during your pregnancy.
1. Nesting Instincts
The majority of pregnant women will experience nesting instincts. These urges may make you want to prepare your home for your new baby, whether it be by cleaning all of the rooms in your house or decorating to accommodate your new addition. You may even experience the need to take on tasks that you otherwise wouldn’t be interested in, such as organizing your garage.
2. Difficulty Concentrating
Even women who receive the utmost amount of rest during their pregnancy may find it difficult to concentrate on simple daily tasks. With the combination of fatigue and morning sickness, you may not be able to concentrate well. This could be a result of being preoccupied with the baby and your hormonal changes.
3. Different Mood Swings
This fact is quite common amongst every pregnant woman due to the fact that with changing hormones, your moods will change. As an example, you may feel happy one moment and then completely angered the next. Mood swings have the tendency to occur the most frequent during the first trimester.
4. Increase in Breast Size
You will need to buy bras in bigger sizes once you become pregnant and it is usually known as one of the first signs of pregnancy. With your increased levels of hormones such as progesterone and estrogen, your breasts will become enlarged.
5. Skin Changes
While pregnant, your skin will undergo an ample amount of changes. Since your body will be experiencing an increase in blood flow due to your pregnancy, your skin may stretch, you may experience brown or yellow patches, and you may have a certain “glow” to your skin.
6. Changes in Nails and Hair
There have been many pregnant women who have experienced benefits to their hair and nails while being pregnant. You may experience less hair falling out and your nails may become stronger during the first trimester of your pregnancy.

How to Prepare for a New Baby

Whether you are planning to make a baby or if you are already pregnant and are looking for ways that you can plan for the inevitable birth of your child, it can be a stressful event in a mother’s life. With that being said, it can be quite useful to have a guide to assist you with planning and preparing for the newest addition to your family. There are a variety of different things that you will have to purchase, arrange, and get ready for your bundle of joy.
1. Finding Transportation Items
Transportation items are incredibly important from the start as you will require them to take your baby home from the hospital. You will want to find a stroller, car seat, crib, and/or a bassinet for your child. If you are shopping on a budget, there are many different types of transportation items that you can buy for limited amounts of money. The larger the device, the more expensive it is bound to be, therefore consider what you will be using the item for and whether you require a large one or a smaller and more convenient one.
2. Purchasing Clothing
This aspect of preparing for a new baby is generally the favorite of most mothers. When buying clothing you will want to consider blankets, bath cloths, bibs, and general things for your baby to wear around the house and out into public. Luckily, the majority of major retailers offer a variety of different types of baby clothing for you to choose from. Consider buying clothing in packs of multiples so that you get more clothing for a less expensive price than if you were to buy individual outfits.
3. Don’t Buy Too Many Diapers
Babies are infamous for growing exponentially fast, therefore you will want to avoid stocking up on too many diapers. Once your child grows out of a particular size, you cannot squeeze them into smaller diapers. With that being said, buy diapers on a regular basis as you need them. You would be surprised at how quickly your baby will grow from “newborn” diapers to “toddler” diapers.
4. Buying Toys and Entertainment
Babies love to explore with their hands and eyes, therefore you will want to find them an ample amount of toys and entertainment options for them to play with throughout the day. Plush animals that make noises, pacifiers, and toys that have bright lights are all great ways to give your baby toys that they can amuse themselves with when they are not eating or sleeping.

Eating Well While Pregnant

One of the most famed symptoms of pregnancy is the craving for foods that you otherwise wouldn’t have been interested in. There have been women who enjoy the taste of pickles and peanut butter and others who prefer to eat tubs of ice cream throughout the day. With that being said, it is important that you eat well while you are pregnant to not only promote a healthy life for your child, but for yourself as well. Below are 5 key things to consider when you are looking to eat well while pregnant.
Look at your Diet – Even if you’re Healthy
Even if you find that you’re currently eating healthy, you will want to take a look at your current diet. There are many women who believe that they are receiving the right nutrition to be healthy, but they are actually lacking in a variety of minerals and vitamins. As an example, many pregnant women require an ample amount of protein, iron, and folic acid. Consider fine-tuning your diet to ensure that you are eating more calories and that you are still eating healthy for your well-being and the well-being of your child.
Avoid Alcohol, Cheese, and Sushi
There are dozens of foods that you will want to avoid while you are pregnant, alcohol, cheese, and sushi are just a few. These foods, including undercooked meat, are infamous for containing bacteria that could be quite harmful to an unborn child. There are a variety of different illnesses that you can contract from ingesting these foods as well, putting your life in danger. Fish is especially important to avoid as there are traces of methylmercury which has been proven to be harmful to the brain development of fetuses and children.
Take Prenatal Vitamins and Supplements
The most important factor to consider when you are looking to eat healthy while being pregnant is to take your daily prenatal vitamins and supplements. Prenatal vitamins help to prepare your body for the pregnancy and to ensure that you receive the correct amount of nourishment for both you and your baby. Also, prenatal vitamins have been proven to reduce the risk of diseases that fetuses can contract while in the womb, such as spina bifida. It is your responsibility to ensure that both mother and baby are sufficiently protected throughout the entirety of the pregnancy and this is possible with the help of prenatal vitamins.

The Rules of Exercising While Pregnant

Although a pregnancy can be a joyful experience in a woman’s life, it can also take a toll on the physique of the individual. With that being said, more expecting moms are beginning to partake in pregnancy exercises to help keep their body in shape before, during, and after their pregnancies. Exercising can be a great way to stay in shape, but there are important rules to consider prior to putting your body through weekly workouts. Below is a list of rules to consider when exercising while pregnant.
Rule 1: Consult a Healthcare Provider
Before you begin any type of exercise regime, whether it is recommended by a friend or if you find it online, discuss it with a healthcare provider who knows your pregnancy history and your personal medical history. The majority of women who are able to exercise while pregnant speak with their doctors first due to the fact that they want to ensure that they will not be putting too much stress on the baby. In the event of you having a complicated pregnancy, your doctor may advise you to use modifications to regular pregnancy exercises.
Rule 2: Eat More and Eat Well
When you exercise you will be burning an excessive amount of calories and it is important to remember that you’re not the only person who is feeding off of what you eat during the day. You will want to ensure that you are taking in more daily calories and that they are healthy calories. The majority of women find that they need to eat 300 excess calories per day when pregnant to ensure that they are able to maintain a beneficial physique meanwhile nourish themselves and the baby.
Rule 3: Avoid Dangerous Sports
This rule is pretty self-explanatory as you will want to ensure that you do not put yourself in harm’s way while you are pregnant. Avoid high contact sports and any other physical activity that may bring forth damage to your body. Even activities such as horseback riding and mountain biking should be avoided while you are pregnant. When you speak with your healthcare professional they will provide you with exercises that are beneficial for your specific pregnancy. While pregnant, women experience an increase of relaxin which is a hormone that is known to relax joints and muscles, thus making your body more prone to sprains and bruises. Therefore you will want to avoid any sports that may force you to incur physical damage.

4 Tips for Having a Healthy Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a life changing event for not only the mother, but for the baby itself. With that being said, it is imperative that every pregnant woman understands the importance of living a healthy and happy lifestyle while they are being pregnant. If you have recently found out that you will be giving birth, below are 4 tips that you can use to ensure that you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.
Tip 1: Find and Visit an Obstetrician
The most important factor to consider when you are preparing for a pregnancy is to visit an obstetrician. These medical professionals have been highly trained to assist you with ensuring that you are healthy throughout the entirety of your pregnancy. You should consider booking an appointment with your doctor to discuss your personal and family health and to determine what lifestyle changes should be avoided while pregnant. They will also ensure that your vaccinations are up to date, especially chicken pox.
Tip 2: Consider Lifestyle Changes
As previously mentioned, your obstetrician will assist you with determining whether you have any lifestyle changes that will need to occur prior to (or during) your pregnancy. You will want to stop smoking, refrain from drinking, and refrain from eating fish. Also, there may be other duties such as taking care of your household pet that you may want to avoid. Consult your obstetrician if you have any questions about your personal lifestyle.
Tip 3: Vitamins and Prescriptions
During your visit to the doctor, they will generally provide you with prescriptions for prenatal vitamins. These vitamins are essential for ensuring that both your body and your baby’s body receives the correct amount of nutrition to develop healthily. Prenatal vitamins are a great way to give your body the extra boost that it may need to maintain a high level of nutrition throughout your pregnancy. It is important to note that although multivitamins may seem advantageous, they sometimes do not incorporate all of the vitamins that you will need as a pregnant woman.
Tip 4: Visit a Dentist
If this is your first pregnancy you may be wondering as to why visiting the dentist is important during the very early stages of your pregnancy (or before, if possible). It is advised that dental work should be avoided during pregnancies due to the stress that it puts on your body and the baby’s body. Visit your dentist to determine if you need any work done.