6 Steps to overcome and get out of depression


1 /6Step 1 / Get out of denial

Any depression should be an opportunity to reflect on one’s history, to take care of oneself and, therefore, to serve one’s personal development. For that, one condition: to get out of denial. Accept the idea that we are doing badly and that we no longer want to live as if nothing had happened.

“Paradoxically, while they know full well that something is not working in their existence, many are those who do everything they can not to solve their problem. Often, they even try to forget it in compulsive practices or in medication, ”laments Étienne Payen. However, according to the theory of “positive depression“, doing everything to remain deaf to your suffering is to miss the message that our body and our head are trying to send us. “Depression says’ Stop! Stop lying to yourself. You’re not there! ”, Continues the doctor. It is a mechanism which allows one to escape tensions, to put oneself on stand-by to finally take the time to reassess one’s life. »Not working on the meaning of his pain would therefore be tantamount to not opening a letter that we have received.
Yes, depression is pain. But, contrary to what we often imagine, it is also an ordeal that we can come out of growing up. Explanations.

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What if depression was a chance? Do not strangle yourself: we do not give in to provocation. The “disease of the century”, as it is sometimes called, is of course a serious mental disorder. A scourge, even, which affects, each year, between 10 and 15% of French people aged 15 to 75 (more than 6 million people). The number of people concerned has doubled between the end of September and the beginning of November 2020, since the second wave linked to Covid-19 .

The good news is that specialists are advancing new hypotheses to understand, prevent and cure it. Like this one, supported by more and more professionals: although painful, depression could be “positive” and would prove to be a great opportunity to learn to live. As long as you treat her by trying to understand what she is trying to tell us. Moussa Nabati, psychoanalyst, and Étienne Payen, doctor, list the steps.


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