8 misconceptions about your oral health
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8 misconceptions about your oral health


Discover the 8 misconceptions about your oral health

# 1 – poor oral hygiene can cause a dietary imbalance

Yes Poor oral health can make chewing difficult, leading to the exclusion of certain foods. Dietary deficiencies can then appear, factors in the appearance of certain pathologies (eg diabetes, hypertension, cancer, etc.).

# 2 – diet is directly related to tooth wear

Yes Dental wear and erosion are partly due to acids in certain foods and drinks.
Among them: sodas, citrus fruits, peppers, tomatoes, vinegars or even pickles.
Whatever your diet, dentists recommend brushing your teeth after each meal and reducing the intake of sugary and acidic foods.

# 3 – coffee is responsible for bad breath

Yes, but not only This so-called astringent drink dries your mouth, promoting the appearance of bacteria and therefore causing a bad smell. However, other foods such as garlic or onion, spices or alcohol but especially poor oral hygiene are factors of bad breath.
After your cup of coffee, dentists recommend that you drink a glass of water to limit the growth of bacteria!

# 4 – Eating an apple at the end of the meal is beneficial for oral health

Yes The salivation caused by the action of eating an apple helps to fight against the acidity produced by food.
In addition to being good for the health, the apple limits the formation of cavities thanks to a natural cleaning. But be careful, it does not replace brushing.

# 5 – brush your teeth directly after a meal

No After a meal, it is best to wait at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth. This period corresponds to the minimum time necessary for the acidity of the food to have time to be neutralized by the saliva.

# 6 – Classic or sugar-free sodas should be favored for your teeth

Neither Whatever the composition, carbonated drinks damage teeth by altering the pH balance of the mouth.
It is best to consume it very occasionally to avoid sensitizing your teeth or having erosion of your enamel.

# 7 – chocolate has unexpected benefits for our teeth

Yes Not all sweets cause cavities: dark chocolate even protects teeth against them.
In addition to being anti-stress and good for cholesterol, it forms a protective film that limits dental erosion and consolidates enamel.
Be careful, white and milk chocolate do not have these benefits because they contain more sugar!

# 8 – diet is directly related to tooth color

Yes Coffee, tea, and red wine are known to make teeth yellow due to their components or dark colors, but did you know that other foods are responsible for this fact?
Among them: sodas, tomato sauce, curry or even red beets. Dentists recommend that you do a mouthwash and brush your teeth half an hour after meals, at least twice a day, being vigilant about your general health .


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