New Cannabis Customers

The Creative Ways on How to Retain and Attract New Cannabis Customers


The cannabis business is competitive, and hence there is a need to strategize on retaining customers and seeking new customers. In addition, customers will naturally consider their choice based on their product needs, how cannabis dispensary offers their services and their physical and psychological comfort. It’s is therefore important to understand your customer needs and preferences and provide products and services that meet your clients’ needs.

1. Establish a Brand

Branding your company takes many forms. First, it involves promoting your company so that it distinguishes itself from competitors. The ultimate goal for branding is to have a respectable identity, as is the case with Starbuds dispensary in lousiville

Branding encompasses all sectors of the business.

· Identifiable Location

Your location, whether physical or online, should be well visible and attractive even to passersby. For example, a physical location should have a well-designed storefront, clean and inviting to attract clients who would otherwise pass by and move to other centers.In addition, your business location, whether online or physical, should be easy to find.For example, when clients do an online search for best dispensary in colorado, you should be easily identifiable.

· Unify Your Brand

You should unify your physical location, website, social media platforms, and products using particular parameters. This way,your cannabis clients will easily associate themselves with your products irrespective of the forum they are using. For example, you should not brand your physical location with blue colors but have your website coded with yellow;you should unify the two with color tone, message, and products.

2. Differentiate Your Products

Your product should not be substituted by any other product in the market just because they are similar. Your clients should be able to identify your products quickly. You can differentiate your products in packaging, branding, size, place of origin, or introducing special features to your products. Distinguishing your products may involve research and study like they have done in Colorado. However, your product should be easy to use and labels easy to understand. If your products are unique and easy to use, your clients will likely stick to them, and you will attract new clients to your products.

3. Offer Incentives

Your cannabis dispensary should decide to offer product specials either weekly or even daily. The incentive will bring in more flow as consumers seek to save on your products. In addition, you can decide to offer incentives based on different products.

You can decide to reward your cannabis clients based on the amount of cash they spend on a single visit or a given period. The rewards will offer savings to your customers. Hence they are likely to feel appreciated and thus stick to your products. Also, cannabis users looking for cheaper deals are possible to stream to your store.

Similarly, you can offer relief programs to patients using cannabis medications. Again, the patients will come another round of cannabis products because of the relief program.

4. Friendly budtenders

Budtenders play an essential role in serving their clients. Therefore, the interaction should serve as an opportunity for the budtenders to understand their clients and offer friendly personalized services. Customized services will lead to retention of your clients and enable new clients to join in.


Retaining cannabis clients and admitting new clients to your store will require you to perceive your brand and your company positively. It’s therefore essential to utilize every opportunity to influence your clients positively, either through quality products, friendly budtenders, incentives offered, comfort at the facility, or ambient decorations.


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