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Dealing with anxiety isn’t fun. Neither is pain, dizziness, insomnia, nausea, or any other non-tangible form of the disorder. On top of them being invisible and therefore harder to explain, they are an itch you can’t ever seem to scratch. Finding products that are compatible with you is quite rare and takes a lot of ugly trials and errors before you find the right one. It doesn’t help that the market is flooded with one type of medicine and completely oblivious about the other.

CBD and hemp are similar yet different elements that play a major role in battling the above-mentioned symptoms and problems.

Every individual has their own take and preference for the medicines prescribed to them. While some may prefer pills, there exist others who can’t stand the sight of the monotonous monsterity and plastic taste. Luckily for us, Budpop has come up with a range of different products for its customers to try out and take their pick of.

The Origin Story

The products sold here are essentially made using premium Delta-8 THC. This product is derived from natural hemp or industrial hemp.

A botanical class plant of the Cannabis sativa cultivars variety, hemp is cultivated predominantly for medicinal purposes. There exist a plethora of different products made using this cultivated plant, starting from CBD oil to Delta 8 gummies, that you can just pop into your mouth.

Also, fun fact, hemp is one of the fasted growing plants on this planet.

It is also tested and certified to provide relief from pain, ease anxiety, regulate a much better sleeping pattern, relieve stress, and prevent vomiting and nausea.

The BudPop Products

Realizing the potential of hemp, Budpop has made it its vision to curate and create products that help individuals have their daily dosage of Delta 8 or CBD in fun and innovative ways.

This includes a range of gummies, a chewable form of CBD, and Delta 8, which is similar to our gummy bears. They are also available in a range of different flavors.

The CBD and Delta 8 flowers refer to hemp flowers that are coveted for their versatility. Customers can consume them either orally or nasally.

Cartridges or carts refer to a device running on a rechargeable battery, which contains a vial of distilled liquid that can be heated up and inhaled via pressing a button.

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