Ortho-K Lenses

A Guide to Taking Proper Care of Your Ortho-K Lenses


There are millions of people all over the world who wear contact lenses, and some of these users have begun to experiment with ortho-K lenses as a means of addressing concerns related to myopia and astigmatism.

It is important that you take proper care of your ortho-K lenses if you have chosen to get them for either yourself or your child. The following are some pointers on how to accomplish that and other related goals.

Your essential ortho-k starting set

Your eyes are fairly fragile, so it is very important to make sure that your ortho-K lenses are always clean and clear of any debris. Since you place your ortho-K lenses directly onto your eyes each night, the same rules apply as with any other type of contact lens.

In addition to providing you with your ortho-K lenses, we will also provide you with the following:

  • A container for them to be stored in
  • Cleaning solution
  • A soaking liquid
  • Eye drops

This beginning kit provides you with all of the necessities you require for maintaining the cleanliness of your ortho-K lenses and properly storing them. If you run out of supplies, these goods can be found in most pharmacies.

Before you insert your ortho-K lenses

After you have washed your hands well, you should remove each lens from its case, massage a few drops of the cleaning solution into the lens, and cover the entire lens. After this, you should put the lenses back in their cases and go to sleep.

After cleaning the lens, you should use the rinsing solution to remove the cleaning fluid, which may cause your eyes to water or burn. After that, you should put the lens on your eye.

Repeat the process of running some water over your hands and then cleaning and rinsing the other lens in the same manner as outlined previously.

After your lenses have been properly positioned, we may instruct you to use eye drops to remoisturize them to continue functioning well throughout the night.

In the morning

When you get up in the morning, you will need to complete the same processes as described above, with the exception that you will be taking the lenses out of your eyes rather than putting them in. This requires you to wash your hands, remove the ortho-k lenses, clean them, and then rinse them in clean water before placing them back in their storage container.

About storage cases

It is reasonable to give your storage case the same level of attention you give to ensuring that your ortho-k lenses are spotless, seeing as how you put in so much effort to guarantee they are spotless.

Always double-check to ensure that the case is clean, and set aside a few minutes once a week to thoroughly clean the inside of the case (maybe at bedtime, after you have finished inserting the lenses into your eyes). When rinsing off the storage case, we strongly advise you not to use tap water but a saline solution instead. When you have finished cleaning the container, you can then restock it with the storage solution.

If you diligently follow these instructions, your ortho-k lenses should last up to a year or two. However, you will need to visit your doctor more frequently to confirm that the lenses are effectively reshaping your corneas and that your eyesight is improving.


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