What are the essential supplements when you start bodybuilding?

It is normal to feel lost among the many supplements available in bodybuilding when you are a beginner in bodybuilding. We are torn between wanting to buy them all, hoping to have more progress and budget or lack of knowledge of these food supplements. Do not be paralyzed by the enormous choice available to you because there are only a few supplements you can not ignore. Here they are.

Remember first that the supplements will not go pushing bars for you. The basic is to start with a training plan and a good diet that combines protein, carbohydrates, fats in the proportions indicated for beginners and forget all that is pizza and Mc Do for a time. The supplements come, as their name indicates “in addition”.

Whey protein

Protein, whatever its type, is rich in amino acids that are the building blocks of muscle building. If you are a beginner, choose whey (whey protein) easier to assimilate and more digestible. This fast-acting protein will be particularly useful if you take it after training and will provide your muscles with quality proteins that will repair muscle fibers broken by training. You can also take it for breakfast in the morning if you are not hungry, or, at other times of the day, if you run the risk of missing protein during your meals. 20 to 30 g per dose will be enough, two to three times a day.


So far it was not recommended for beginners to take because it was believed that you had to have some muscle mass for it to be effective, then we realized that those who train hard have the muscle to win with creatine. Creatine is therefore useful to your muscles from a number of months of practice. Count at least 6 months of serious training to reap the benefits. You will gain in volume and strength, recover faster and find the ability to train more by enjoying a bonus energy life ATP.

Every day, at a rate of 3 g per day, preferably just after training or in the morning the days when you do not go to the room.